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"Seldom is a tribute preferable to the original.
This, however, was certainly the case with Monkee Business"    
Glasgow Herald


"It exceeds even 

the tomfoolery of

the original TV series"

The Scotsman


"Treat yourself to

a flashback smile

that will last till

the end of the week"

UK Theatre Net

 "Left you feeling exactly as you should after a musical of this ilk; sore-faced from laughing with all your worries behind you"  The Mancunian


"It ended with a packed house around me standing, clapping, moving to the music,

asking for more and tipping out into the cold night with obvious feel-good warmth."


"Comedy capers and sixties hits abound. 

A fun packed night out" 


"Take ‘The Last Train to Clarkesville’

and loosen up  a little in this ever so serious world.

Go hunt out old Monkees TV shows and you’ll get the same zany and crazy essence this show emanates.  Monkee Business managed to sprinkle its magic on the audience, receiving a standing ovation"

Manchester's Finest.


BBC trailer for item on BBC1 Breakfast

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