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NAKED FLAME enjoyed a phenomenal three years

of smashing box office records in major theatres across the UK.


In response to demand, a sequel was written and FIRE DOWN UNDER

then played alternate weeks with the original NAKED FLAME.  

Pictured : Jayne Denny with Glenn Lester & Tony Forsyth




"The audience laughed more loudly

than anything I have heard

in 20 years of theatregoing.

At one point they were so convulsed

it looked like a Mexican wave."

York Evening Press  

"The audience were literally rolling

in the aisles with laughter"

Brighton Argus

"The crowd went wild and

gave a standing ovation"

Liverpool Daily Post  


Hull Daily Mail  


Yorkshire Post  

 "Polished high farce"

Dorset Echo  

"Very, VERY funny"

Worcester Evening News  


Oxford Mail 

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4525257406 (1).jpg
Will Thorp as Sam and Rebekah Gibbs as Toni

"If British farce is your thing, you will love Naked Flame"

Dorset Echo




Iain Stirland as Graham and Peter Benedict as Jesse


York Evening Press


Tony Forsyth as James and Rebekah Gibbs as Toni

"The level of excitement verged on mass hysteria"

East Anglian Times

4525257415 (1).jpg

Will Thorp as Sam and Peter Benedict as Jesse

"An evening of unashamed fun"

Brighton Argus


"Sexy and  hilarious"

Yorkshire Evening Post

Rebekah Gibbs as Toni

and James Crossley as Sean

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